Night Zoo tour dates

Oct. 1st, 2020:
"Night Zoo vs. The Cast Iron Mummy"


There are several things going on here, with jazzy drumming, punk-styled growling bass and guitar-playing that's kinda horror surf, kinda post-punk. I definitely connect with it on a surf level, but it's constantly wandering off the beaten path and into the unknown. And I like it!”

-Hunter King, Storm Surge Of Reverb

"In perhaps-best-song-title-ever news, we’ve got 'Autopsy Turvy'—one of six tracks on Night Zoo's new power punch of an EP, 'Night Zoo vs. The Cast Iron Mummy,' which the band described to us via email as an “instrumental bulldozer of surf, punk, samba and metal influences that faithfully present what we deliver to live audiences, augmented with tasteful studio indulgences' that 'will cater to guitar nerds with its wide range of layered Strat tones.'
From 'Creature from the Gowanus Canal to 'Lunar Graveyard' —plus the four tight tracks in between—the EP is a 16-minute sonic journey we highly recommend your ears, mind and body embark on ASAP."