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Aug 15, 2022:
"Cold War Classics"

"Cool New York that has just a little twist of weirdness to their surf sound.  A nice record with some good originals and covers that accentuate the best parts of the originals in fun ways."
-Hunter King, Storm Surge Of Reverb

We don't fancy ourselves a "cover band," though we have traditionally rotated a handful of vintage surf tunes throughout our live sets ever since we first crawled out of the Gowanus Canal and onto the stage back in 2018.  This collection is our way of preserving & expanding, in recorded form, our interpretations of these "cold war classics," while also taking a stab at re-recording a few of our early original songs, previously only available in dubious fidelity.  These tracks, by comparison, were recorded in much better (and mostly analog) conditions.

There are two notable guest spots on "The Savage."  The bass part was contributed by Lucas Griffin, a longtime friend of the band and current bassist of The Ventures, and the absolutely dizzying guitar solo was provided by Aaron Bobis, our dear homie and ex-Night Zoo bassist circa 2018-2019.  To be fortunate enough to include them on this project is a treat to say the least.